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With its gorgeous picturesque landscape, outstanding parks and trails, high tech recreational facilities, robust arts and culture community and countless hot tubs in hundreds of backyards the city of St Albert AB has it all!

With the second highest median family income in Alberta, there is probably a higher percentage of hot tub owners in St. Albert than most other jurisdictions. And whether you've got a lot or a little disposable income there is ONE place you don't want to dispose of it - paying too much for your hydro bill.

The plain fact is that an old, waterlogged or damaged hot tub cover can drastically reduce the heat retention of a hot tub. That means more electricity is required to heat your St Albert AB hot tub or spa. Fortunately Lillypad Cover Company has your hot tub cover needs covered!

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St Albert Firehall
The beautiful St Albert AB firehall. If you needed a super quick fillup of your hot tub these guys and girls could get the job done in no time!


At Lillypad, we sell hot tub covers to St Albert that are inexpensive and efficient. They also look great! With prices starting at just $359 we offer St Albert AB hot tub covers that are as competitive as any on the market in Alberta today.

Our hot tub covers rival the very best in the business, and our service is second to none. We've shipped plenty of hot tub covers to St Albert and the demand keeps growing! Simply click on the HOME button on the right, and follow the easy measuring instructions. You'll have your hot tub cover delivered to your door in 10 to 14 days.

A new replacement hot tub cover delivered to your St Albert AB address will not only improve the look of your hot tub but it will usually be easier to remove and replace since older covers often absorb water, get heavier, and lose their insulative properties over time. When you're ready, simply use our simple online hot tub cover order form, and relax!

Have questions about shipping, measuring, or delivery of your new hot tub cover? Call us now on our toll free line at 1-888-227-0004. We're standing by to deliver your replacement hot tub cover.



Lillypad Cover Company - hot tub covers Lillypad Cover Company - hot tub covers

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