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It's a city! It's a town! Actually, it's neither. Sherwood Park AB is officially a "hamlet". But you wouldn't know it by examining it from the air considering the considerable size and economic clout contained in this part of Alberta.

Sherwood Park AB has a powerful economy with over $9.0 billion worth of major projects completed, announced, or under construction. An industrial district lies west of Sherwood Park and includes some of the largest industrial facilities in Canada including the Strathcona Refinery and employs thousands of workers ... all of whom could use a relaxing soak in a Sherwood Park hot tub at the end of a long day's work.

One curious factoid found on Wikipedia is that the Sherwood Park boasts very low crime rates, including a violent crime rate near zero. Why that might be the case is anyone's guess. At Lillypad Hot Tub Cover Company, we sometimes speculate that if everyone had a hot tub, we would all be much more relaxed. Maybe this hamlet in Alberta just has more hot tubs than anywhere else? We certainly do ship a lot of replacement hot tub covers to Sherwood Park AB!

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kid in a hot tub sink
A future Sherwood Park AB hot tub aficionado in training!


Our hot tub covers rival the very best in the business, and our service is second to none. We've shipped plenty of hot tub covers to Sherwood Park and with the legendary cold Alberta winters and hot summers the demand isn't likely to let up any time soon!

At Lillypad, we sell hot tub covers to Sherwood Park that are not only attractive but also inexpensive and efficient. Prices start at just $359 which means we offer Sherwood Park AB hot tub covers that are as competitive as any on the market today.
Sherwood Park AB Hot Tub
A beautiful hot tub in a back yard in Sherwood Park with a well fitted hot tub cover.

A new replacement hot tub cover delivered to your Sherwood Park AB address will not only improve the look of your hot tub but it will usually be easier to remove and replace since older covers often absorb water, get heavier, and lose their insulative properties over time. When you're ready, simply use our simple online hot tub cover order form, and relax!

Simply click on the HOME button on the right, and follow the easy measuring instructions. You'll have your hot tub cover delivered to your door in 10 to 14 days.

Have questions about shipping, measuring, or delivery of your new Sherwood Park hot tub cover? Call us now on our toll free line at 1-888-227-0004. We're standing by!



Lillypad Cover Company - hot tub covers Lillypad Cover Company - hot tub covers

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