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Moose Javians, as the locals call themselves, are a hardy lot of Canadians. A lot of folks move to Moose Jaw for retirement after many years of working in the natural resource industries throughout western Canada. And for a lot of Moose Javians their home just isn't complete without a hot tub.

There are all sorts of Moose Jaw hot tubs. Indoor, outdoor, inground, above ground. Even some that are wood fired - uniquely suited to the rugged outdoors lifestyle of this beautiful part of the world. And all of them need Moose Jaw hot tub covers. That's where Lillypad comes in!

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Moose Jaw Hot Tub
The perfect Moose Jaw hot tub solution - a wood fired outdoor spa.


At Lillypad Cover Company, we manufacture top-quality, custom made replacement hot tub covers and ship them to Moose Jaw in 10 to 14 days. You just measure your hot tub as per our easy instructions, and phone or submit your order online.

Whether your hot tub is rectangular, oval, round or hexagonal in shape; whether it is large or small we can build the perfect hot tub cover for your spa.

Simply click on the HOME button on the right, and follow the simple measuring instructions. If you're still not sure it could really be that easy, just give us a call at 604-341-1012 or on our toll free replacement hot tub cover line at 1-888-227-0004 and we'll be happy to answer any of your questions.

With prices starting at only $359 we're know we offer the best value on the market. There's really no need to drive around looking for a hot tub cover and hoping it will fit correctly ... and then worrying about having to load it back into your vehicle and return it if it doesn't. A custom fit, accurately built replacement hot tub cover from Lillypad makes all of that worry go away so you can focus on enjoying your spa.

The last thing you want to to is fight with a heavy, waterlogged hot tub cover while you grumble about your hydro bill (unless you have a wood fired tub! No hydro!) No matter your spa style or shape, aproperly fitted, well insulated, light and efficient hot tub cover is essential.

wood fired hot tub

An innovative hot tub solution - and we can build a cover for it!

When you're ready, simply use our simple online hot tub cover order form, and head out to enjoy your spa! We're available at 604-341-1012 or on our toll free line at 1-888-227-0004 and are standing by to deliver your Moose Jaw replacement hot tub cover.



Lillypad Cover Company - hot tub covers Lillypad Cover Company - hot tub covers

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